Hoka Challenger Shoe for Men

Well, hello again! I’m so glad you were able to tune in to another Tips from Rose. This time I’ve decided to take a new turn into athletic shoes. Read on to find out more!

(Pictured, above: Men's Hoka Challenger Shoe) 

What shoe brand am I talking about? Hoka, you know that brand. Right? Rather if you are a lifelong fan or never heard of this brand before I am going to journey with you in finding your pair!

Whenever someone walks up to me and asks where I bought my Hoka shoes the first store that enters my mind is TOPS SHOES! I always thought buying shoes was simply this: find the color you like, guess your size, then buy them. When I walked into Tops Shoes my thought process completely changed.

Did you know Tops has a foot scanner that analyzes your feet, finding the perfect shoe for exactly how you foot is made (I mean, WOW)!? Not only that, they showed me what it means to have a shoe properly fitted to my unique foot type. This was very helpful when buying Hoka because of the comfort I feel the difference when my shoes are performing at their best for my feet!

Digital Foot Scan
Bondi athletic shoe by Hoka

People tend to overlook the fact that there is more to a shoe than just the color. For instance, you may have heard of a certain style Hoka makes and Tops Shoes carries called the Bondi. If you haven’t, that is okay -- I will give you some good tips about this shoe. The Bondi is equipped with maximum cushion, making this shoe super comfortable on the foot but also an excellent choice for walkers and runners alike.

(Pictured, left: Men's Hoka Bondi Shoe) 

Don’t just take my word for it go see a comfort specialist at Tops Shoes to see the shoe best fit for your needs.

I certainly hope these tips helped you with finding the perfect pair of shoes just for you. I also hope you got some good ideas for your next or new pair of Hoka shoes.

Remember, don’t just buy shoes -- buy Tops Shoes!

(Pictured, right: Hoka Anacapa Mid Gore-Tex Shoe

Bondi athletic shoe by Hoka
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