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My, what a lovely day it is! The sun is shining, the birds are singing. A perfect time to share with you my next pair of shoes I have come to love: Taos sandals!

You might think this brand sounds familiar and you should, one of the blogs I have done in the past talks about Taos sneakers. Though I barely touched on the other styles Taos has to offer, and there are many! I have decided to dig deeper into the sandal styles this brand is known for. Now let’s get started finding your new favorite pair of sandals!

If you own a pair of Taos sneakers, I am sure you will adore the sandal styles as well. Taos sandals are super comfortable to wear, and I should know because I wear them both so much. Sometimes comfortable and cute don’t necessarily go together, but yet both have been beautifully incorporated into the sneaker that Taos makes and you have come to know -- and love. So why can’t they do the same thing in a sandal style? 

SPOILER ALERT! They have! All styles have been built to hide bunions, shape the foot, give arch support, make foot discomfort disappear, and sooo much more. And of course what is a pair of Taos sandals without color choices? I hope you can see why these sandals have become one of my favorites and hopefully yours as well.

Display of Taos Sandals
Taos Sandals

Every pair of Taos shoes has special features to make your feet feel comfortable. This is also true with Taos sandals, so without further ado, let's jump into the Taos sandal top to bottom comfort technology! The leather strapping you will find on the upper of a Taos sandal is full grain leather, the leather of highest quality, and also extremely soft. The footbed offers one of the best support systems available at Tops Shoes. The footbed is made from either foam or cork, both hugging the contours of each foot, and giving comfort that lasts all day. The sole on every Taos sandal is made with durable rubber that is made to last, giving the best to your feet. Isn’t it amazing how much thought is put into every pair of Taos sandals you buy? What is even better is every brand of sandals you buy from Tops Shoes is carefully chosen for the best quality.

When you purchase a shoe that is made with the highest quality, you want that shoe to last, right? Well, here are some tips to use when caring for your Taos sandals. 

(Pictured, left: Taos Trulie Taupe Sandal) 

If the footbed is suede use a suede cleaner and brush. If you do not have this at home, Tops Shoes will be happy to help you find what you need. If the sandal is a cork footbed, use a damp cloth and wipe the sides off the shoes, cleaning off the dirt and debris you have picked up over time. Please note this will not hurt the
cork at all. Now, if you are dead lost when trying to find out what cleaners to use and what footbed to use it on, please ask a Tops Shoes comfort specialist when buying your next pair. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Next, to clean the leather straps, use a separate cloth and wipe the straps clean. Then use mink oil to help moisturize you straps. Just like us, our skin dries out over time causing cracks and discomfort. We use lotion to make our skin soft and rejuvenated. Mink oil does the same for leather, making the material last longer. Mink oil does tend to make the leather darker in color.

I know there is a lot of information that is put in this blog, so let this be a reference for you when you have taken your Taos sandals home. But don’t rely on this blog to tell you what you need. Go to a Tops Shoes
store near you to have your feet properly scanned and fitted insuring the best sandal for your needs. Tops offers several brands to choose from. Whatever you find rest assured you are in the best shoe possible
for your uniquely made feet!

Remember, don’t just buy shoes -- buy Tops Shoes!

Taos sandal display at Tops Shoes
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